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Our vision is that every Israeli-Arab child with disabilities and their families will receive the services they need and that services will follow Beit Issie Shapiro’s high standards.

In 2000, Beit Issie Shapiro established the first early intervention center in the Arab sector in Israel. The Sindian Early Intervention Center provides:

  • Rehabilitative Daycare Center
  • Family Support Center
  • Home Treatment Program, reaching out to infants with special needs who do not receive early intervention treatments and care

The Sindian Center at Kalansua – Principles:

  • The services are physically, linguistically and culturally accessible
  • The staff is recruited locally, trained and supported
  • The Center works in partnership with welfare, health and education systems
  • The Center impacts the community through:
    – Advancing women – mothers and staff
    – Increasing community involvement and awareness
    – Development of civil society

Problems and Needs in the Israeli-Arab sector:

  • Many children and their families do not receive appropriate, useful services. Families do not utilize rights and services, due to ignorance
  • Parents experience daily functioning problems because of lack of support, guidance and counselling
  • Children from vulnerable families are often neglected and are at risk
  • Stigmas and prejudice often cause communities to exclude families with children with special needs

Beneficiaries of the Early Intervention Center:

  • 150 children benefited from rehabilitative daycare
  • Some 100 mothers participated in support groups
  • Other beneficiaries are the dozens of staff members who have gained professional upgrading

Beneficiaries of the Family Support Center:

  • Advice line operated by volunteers, assisting over 100 families a year
  • Support groups for 40 parents of children with severe disabilities every year
  • Lectures and enrichment for parents
  • Raising community awareness
  • Enlisting community leaders through seminars and tours
  • Strengthening family ties through fun days and other activities

Beneficiaries of the Home Treatment Program:

  • Over 60 young children with severe disabilities received allied health treatments at home and were eventually enrolled in appropriate early intervention frameworks
  • Over 60 families were supported and educated regarding early intervention and raising a child with special needs
  • Community awareness was raised to the importance of early intervention