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“Access to Play” Conference: Building Bridges in Istanbul, Turkey


Shosh Kaminsky, Director of Development and Knowledge Management at Beit Issie Shapiro, gave a workshop in Turkey on the theme of “Building social bridges: how inclusive playgrounds create community”at the International Play Association’s 19th Triennial World Conference in Isanbul, on the theme of ‘Access to Play’.

The conference follows Beit Issie Shapiro’s address to the United Nations last year on its groundbreaking research into attitudes of kindergarten children towards disabilities and findings on how best to promote inclusion.  The research was the first of its kind globally and aims to develop special tools to measure changes in attitudes of children with disabilities.

Kaminsky says, “Following the latest news from Turkey, international collaborations seem more important than ever.  The conference was another opportunity for countries with strained – or even without – diplomatic relations with Israel to speak with us about collaboration.”

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