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Beit Issie Shapiro and iPads: Advanced technology, Advancing Communication

The first time one of the children at Beit Issie Shapiro brought his parents’ iPad to school and we saw how enthusiastically, skillfully and intuitively he was able to manipulate it, we realized that the time has come to move beyond the laminated flashcards currently used for alternative communication and to take advantage of new methods of communication for children with disabilities.

See this short clip on how our ipad project has impacted the life of at least one child, Amit

  • We believe that the use of iPads will have a tremendous positive impact on these children’s response to speech and occupational therapy and provide them with an unprecedented ability to communicate.
  • The use of iPads in this field has significant family support and inclusion components, and recreational apps for children with disabilities are as important as communication-focused apps.
  • For the family of a child with a disability, having an iPad with recreational apps in their home will provide an enjoyable activity for this child, giving the parents needed respite.

In partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation, we are currently in the pilot stage of pioneering the use of iPads for children with disabilities including those with Cerebral Palsy, mild to moderate cognitive impairment, and developmental disabilities including Autism, with a particular focus on enabling those are not communicative to communicate.

It is our mission to ensure that hundreds of thousands of children with disabilities in Israel can benefit from our initiative with your support. Therefore we plan to share the knowledge that we develop in this area with professionals throughout Israel via our training sessions and publishing our research.

We invite you to be our partner in helping children with disabilities use new technologies to reach their full potential. The cost to provide speech and occupational therapy using an iPad is $1,800 per child for one year. Please consider sponsoring one or more children.