Jewish Disability Advocacy Month

“Nothing About Us, Without Us”

For most of history, people with disabilities have had no say about the issues that directly impact them the most. Questions of their legal rights, their right to education, access to services, and so many other issues have been decided by others, to their complete exclusion.

Our Self-Advocacy Program places the future of disability rights, services and policies squarely in the hands of those they affect most – people with disabilities themselves.

Join us this February and support our Self-Advocacy Program.

In Israel, the program has been a tremendous success; our self-advocates were involved in the political lobbying it took to change the guardianship law in the Knesset, giving people with intellectual disabilities the right to supported decision-making for themselves for the first time.

On December 19, 2017 the program received a prestigious award from the Israeli Government for the development of national leadership for advocacy and self-representation.

Be a part of this tremendous step forward for people with disabilities!

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