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Beit Issie Shapiro prides itself on being ‘on the cutting edge’ of treatment and services for individuals with developmental disabilities. In order to develop and maintain high professional standards, it is required to apply constant development and testing of new methodologies and approaches to provide and assure best practices.

In 1993, the Research and Evaluation Unit was established with the objective to develop model programs which have relevance to the field as a whole. This is especially important since Beit Issie Shapiro provides continuing education opportunities in this field. Managed by Dr Dana Roth, the department is engaged in research which is conducted by professionals within the organization or outside, and in cooperation with academic institutions in Israel and abroad. Research results are presented at national and international conventions and published in local and international professional journals. In addition the unit provides on-going internal data and information for managerial needs, such as running regular client satisfaction surveys.

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