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Adapting the Environment for Children with Mental Disabilities

By: Dana Roth, Michele Shapiro, Published in: Accessibility of Israeli Society to People with Disabilities at the beginning of the 21st Centry. (pp. 883-906) Published by: The Commission for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities, Ministry of Justice

Behavioural and Physiological effect of dental environment sensory adaptation on children’s dental anxiety.

By: Michele Shapiro Published in: European Journal of Oral Science.

The international family Quality of life project goals & description of a survey tool.

By: Isaacs, B, Brown, I, Brow, R.I., Baum, N, Myerscough, T, Neikrug, S, Roth, D, Shearer, J, & Wang, M. Published in: The journal of policy and practice in intellectual disabilities, September 2007.

Physical and Psychological Effects of Aquatic Therapy in Participants after Hip-Joint Replacement: A Pilot Study

By: Ilanit Weigenfeld-Lahav, Merav Hadar-Frumer, Dana Roth, Shyke Hozler Published in: International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education