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  • Chairman: Prof Patrick Corrigan
    Prof Jeremy Turk: Labelling and Classifications in Developmental Disabilities: Curse or Blessing
    Prof Lisa Woolfson: The influence of societal stereotypes on attitudes and behaviour of parents and teachers towards children with intellectual disabilities
    Dr Katrina Scior: Do they do what they say? Questioning the link between self-reported attitudes towards people with intellectual disabilities and actual behaviour
    Dr Shirli Werner: “Equal in Uniform”: Its impact on attitudes of soldiers without disabilities towards soldiers with intellectual disabilities


  • Yoav Kraim – Chairman, National Council for the Rehabilitation of the Mentally Ill in the Community, Ministry of Health, Israel Co-Director, Unit for Social Change, Beit Issie Shapiro Lecturer, the Department of Occupational Therapy, Ono Academic College, Israel
    The lecture describes the process of self-advocacy groups of people with intellectual disabilities, the way they went through and their participation in the Knesset committee, in which they expressed their will to decision-makers in Israel.

  • Yoav Kraiem – Co-Director of the Community Development and Social Change Unit, Beit Issie Shapiro
    Shosh Kaminsky – M.S.W., Knowledge Resource Development manager, Beit Issie Shapiro
    Sarah Sadovnik – COO of Elwyn Israel
    Gali Schwartz – Coordinator of the self-representation project, Beit Issie Shapiro
    Self-advocacy is action based strategy which is driven by people who share a common denominator and who drive the vision and strategy by working together to bring about real changes and improve their quality of life.
    This article describes the process of Leadership Development among people with developmental disabilities that was carried out by Beit Issie Shapiro and Elwyn Israel.  Furthermore, this process resulted in the participation of this group in the Parliamentary discussions on the legislative process of self-advocacy.   

  • Johnson, K., Mino, G., and Hopkins, R.
    This article reviews the involvement of self-advocacy groups with intellectual developmental disabilities in Ireland in research on important topics relating to their lives, and what the research meant to them.

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