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Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Therapy
Snoezelen is a stimulating, multi-sensory therapy which dramatically impacts the sense of well-being of people with developmental disabilities. Beit Issie Shapiro brought this method to Israel and is the international leader of research in this field.

Over 3,000 professionals in Israel have been trained in the Snoezelen method by Beit Issie Shapiro and we have guided the establishment of over 400 Snoezelen rooms.

Beit Issie Shapiro can:

  • share best practices and train staff to use an existing Snoezelen room as an effective treatment for children with disabilities.
  • guide the building of a new Snoezelen room and provide training in its use.
  • provide training and guidance in implementing certain elements of the Snoezelen into classrooms or other areas in the building in which they might be beneficial to children with disabilities.