International Sites:
  • Jean Judes, Executive Director

Since 2006, Jean Judes has been the Executive Director of Beit Issie Shapiro, Ra’anana. She has overall responsibility for finance, human resources, policy and planning, fund-raising, work with board of directors, government and the third sector.

  • Naomi Stuchiner, Founder

Naomi Stuchiner is the founder of Beit Issie Shapiro and served as Executive Director through its first 25 years of development. From 2006 Naomi dedicated herself to building international support for the organization towards enhancing its future sustainability. Naomi today serves as Founder, representing Beit Issie Shapiro in various frameworks in Israel’s social sector. .

  • Lily Levinton, Deputy Director and Director Professional Services

Lily Levinton has directed Beit Issie Shapiro’s therapeutic daycare services since 1994. A child psychologist, she has worked on the team for twenty years and has pioneered the transdisciplinary approach, which has become the standard.


  • Benjy Maor, Director of Global Resource Development

Benjy Maor began work as the Director of the International Resource Development Department in 2010. Benjy manages the offices overseas and works closely with them in their fundraising efforts and promotion of Beit Issie Shapiro abroad.

  • Shosh Kaminsky

Shosh Kaminsky directs the Community Development Department and is working towards the greater inclusion of people with special needs in the community, and improving their rights. She is a consultant on Beit Issie Shapiro’s model of community and service development.

  • Dr. Dana Roth

Dr. Dana Roth directs the Research and Development Unit at Beit Issie Shapiro. It is due to her that the organization has become highly minded to the need for constant re-assessment of services, programs and methods so that high standards can be assured. Dr. Roth co-chaired Beit Issie Shapiro’s 3rd International Conference on Developmental Disablities.

  • Dr. Benny Hozmi

Dr. Benny Hozmi is the director of the Trump International Institute of Continuing Education in Developmental Disabilities. In 2006, he Co-chaired Beit Issie Shapiro’s 4th International Conference on Developmental Disabilities. He is pioneering educational programs for people with learning difficulties and dreams of establishing a “Special University”.

  • Hila Shvoron

Hila Shvoron is the director of Outpatient services at Beit Issie Shapiro. These include the therapeutic sport center, the hydrotherapy center, the Snoezelen, the Dental Clinic and the Child Development Unit.

  • Dafna Kleinman

Dafna Kleinman is the Manager of the Community Unit.

  • Oren Sela

Deputy CEO for Finances and Administration.

  • Sigal Winter

Sigal Winter directs the Israel Fundraising Department at Beit Issie Shapiro.

  • Adela Hahamy

Adela Hahamy is the director of Human Resources at Beit Issie Shapiro.

  • Sharon Yeheskel-Oron

Sharon is the International Professional Development Manager. She is in charge of developing Beit Issie Shapiro’s international professional network, as well as marketing consultation and training packages in the field of disabilities to international stakeholders.