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Beit Issie Shapiro’s 6th International Conference on Disabilities:

Unity & Diversity in Action 

July 6th, 2015 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Every four years Beit Issie Shapiro hosts an international conference on disabilities – the only international conference on disabilities in Israel.  This event is a unique opportunity for academic, medical and community professionals, researchers, policy makers, service providers, people with disabilities, and family members, to meet with colleagues from around the world and take part in the latest state-of-the-art knowledge, research and practice in the field of disabilities.

The conference will take place at a time when we are witnessing a positive shift into the language of human rights, strengthened by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which enhances the concept of equal opportunities for all. The conference will enable us to discuss and share different models of implementation and enterprises for turning these declarations into possible actions.

For more information on the upcoming conference, please visit the conference website:

The previous conference, which took place in 2011,  “Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future”, highlighted projects and research focusing on inclusion and self-representation of people with disabilities and  was attended by over 1,000 participants from 17 countries. For additional information on the 2011 conference, please click here.


For further information, please contact: Anat Burstein, Conference Coordinator,