What is Issie Senses?

Issie Senses is a Multi-Sensory Therapeutic Environment consisting of specially adapted harmonious sensory stimuli that dramatically impacts the sense of well-being of children and adults with disabilities. 

This unique environment coupled with Issie Senses trained therapists show both behavioral and physiological improvements-relaxing, focusing, and arousing the client's curiosity and exploration. 

Issie Senses is being used in therapeutic centers, hospitals, homes for seniors and schools to treat people with a wide range of sensory and cognitive difficulties, chronic illnesses, Dementia and Alzheimer's.

Why Work With Us?

Over 82,000 hours of field experience.

Over 7000 professionals trained in Israel and internationally.

Over 500 Issie Senses rooms established under the guidance of Beit Issie Shapiro in Israel and internationally.

How do we ensure success?

Boutique Consultation & Training Programs Tailored to suit Your Needs.

Consultation on the design of a Multi-Sensory Therapeutic room, including the selection and placement of multi-sensory equipment.

Courses are designed to provide participants with the knowledge, tools and best practices to become "client-centered" professionals working within the Multi-Sensory Therapeutic environment.

Following your training course we offer a support package to ease you through the implementation process.

Contact Us

If you are interested in hearing more  or would like to find out how we can customise a program tailored to suit your needs, simply fill in the form below and one of our professional consultants will be in touch with you.
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