Four (+1) Activities for Passover

Rachel Blum, SLP and Dana Cappel, OT

Passover is right around the corner and that holiday spirit can already be felt through the school halls. Classrooms are busy cleaning, learning about holiday concepts and some have already had their mock Seders. In preparing for and celebrating Passover we have gathered a bunch of our favorite interactive activities for you to enjoy

  • The first activity, created with JiTap, is an interactive story of the exodus from Egypt. Touch the photo to see the story.
The Exodus from Egypt: Touch the picture to go to the story

The Exodus from Egypt: Touch the picture to go to the story

  • The next activity is a game, created with Tiny Tap, in which the child needs to help Chagai find the Afikoman. The game may even give you ideas where to hide your own Afikoman. 😉
Touch the picture to play

Touch the picture to play

  • This next activity is a story about the Ten Plagues, also created with Tiny Tap.

    Touch the picture to hear the story

    Touch the picture to hear the story

  • And finally, our interactive Hagada. We have gotten very positive feedback about our Hagada in the last few years, with parents writing us to say how much it helped their children participate in the Seders. We hope you enjoy it too.
Touch the photo to go to the Hagada

Touch the photo to go to the Hagada


For ideas of other Hagadas that we have created and used in our early intervention and school centers please look at our post from last year.

And last but not least… Another great idea is to open Ji Tap and let the kids create their own digital pictures using the creation packs for Passover. Using an Apple TV, we opened Ji Tap on the big screen and showed the students all the different creation packs they could use.  Each student then worked on their own iPad, with some needing more help than others, but stressing the importance of giving each student as much creative freedom as possible. Afterward, each creation was saved as a photo (press on the three dots on the upper right-hand corner and press “save slide”), and all were sent to one iPad using Airdrop, and then screen-casted onto the Apple TV for a Passover photo exhibit. Each child shared what their picture was about. We later printed their creations and hung them up on the board for them to look at again.

Here are some of their creations:

digital pictures


We’d love to hear what ideas you have for interactive Passover activities.

Happy Passover!


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