Me and Myself – An Interactive Album Encouraging Self-expression

By: Noa Nitzan

Me and Myself is another great app from the series recently released by C.E.T- The Center for Educational Technology. The app is an interactive photo album with a unique focus on self-expression.

ללא שם

The pages of the album are titled such things as: About myself, Me and My Family, My Home, I wish I was, Things I am Good At, Things I can Say About Myself, Me and My Friends, and Moments to Remember. Here’s a look at the screen where you choose from among the different pages:


The design is engaging and definitely gives a feel of a personal journal or diary. The album is interactive, allowing the user to easily import personal photos and videos, add personal recordings, and decorate with cute stickers.

The album can be used with one child or can also be used to create a group album about joint activity or experience. Chani Shmrling and Anat Rizenman, teachers at The Special Education School of Beit Issie Shapiro, give some ideas on how to use the album in school activities: “There are many activities at school in which the album can be an interactive educational tool to be used with the students. For example, in preparation for end-of-year school projects each student can prepare a personal album with memories and personal stories to prepare them for leaving our school and moving on to their new one”.

“There are many students in school that enjoy looking through photos in their free time and this app allows us to sit with a student and help them put together an album they will enjoy. Making the album together can be a good learning opportunity especially since we’re using a strong motivator – photos”.

“For special groups, such as a group of graduating students, the album can be an opportunity for each student to create an identity within the group. The album contains a variety of subjects and can be filled out in the group and at home with the parents.  Each student can then present their album to the group. The teacher can even organize a gallery of albums for other students to look thriughat the graduation ceremony”.

“During birthday celebrations, the album can be a way for students to share interesting things about themselves with the rest of their class”.

Examples of some of the album topics

 I love the first page of the album.  While simple, it still provides an opportunity to for important personal information.

“About Myself”                                                                                                     On this page there are spaces to add a name, age, photo and a recording of the student’s voice. Each of these details offers opportunity for discussion and working through thoughts and feelings (which photo does the student want t choose and why, what do I think of my name, ideas about age can be discussed…) and of course stickers can be added to add an even further personal touch.


“Me and my Family”
This is a great opportunity to showcase family members and share them with others.



“I Wish I Was”
This page is a really nice touch, allowing the students to imagine what they would like to be…               When working with people with disabilities it is important to remember that this can be a very sensitive area. Though we want to allow opportunities for expression and processing of emotions, it is important to remember to do so with sensitivity. A question like “What would you like to be?” can spark a variety of emotions in people with disabilities and it is important to keep this in mind. Of course in this respect, the album can be a starting point for these kinds of discussions.


After choosing a character, the student can add a personal photo and record a message.

“Things I am Good At”
This is a very important section for all children, and even more so for children with disabilities. It provides a nice opportunity for the student to strengthen their sense of self. Working on this page with a student can be a very significant activity, helping them work out the emotions surrounding this topic. And of course, it is a great way for the student themselves to see all the things they are good at! Each student will require a different level of assistance and guidance. Involving the student in searching for and choosing appropriate photos can be a great motivator.  They can choose from the options available in the app or they can upload a personal photo that they like better.


A few technical details (important when talking about technology 🙂 …)

  • On each page you can choose between edit or view formats, which is indicated by the brush or eye icon situated in the top left corner of each page.
  • In edit mode, pressing on the ? will give explanations and page-specific instructions.


  • Each album can be shared via email
  • An indefinite number of albums can be created
  • Settings options include edit lock, the ability to turn on and off narration of page titles, and sharing options
  • Uploading photos and videos is easy and can be done in a variety of ways including: taking a photograph from within the app, uploading from camera roll, uploading from the Me & Myself folder in photos (a significant time-saving feature), or from the internet.


To summarize, this is a really great app for children to create personalized albums.  Photos and videos are such a motivation tool to help spark conversation.  Their personal nature provides a rich foundation from which to introduce and work through emotionally sensitive topics and they have such power in building up a person’s identity. This app can be a tool for all of these things, but is also just a beautiful album for a child to create for themselves.

For additional information about the app.

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  1. Mary Sullivan says:

    This is Amazing !!
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