Not Just Fingertips – Styluses for Tablets

By: Noa Nitzan

There are many accessories available on the market to use with iPads and tablets.
A stylus (a pen that can be used on a touchscreen instead of a fingertip) can be a very useful accessory when using a tablet and can serve various purposes. It can be used to write on the screen, provide greater touch-precision, and can be used to replace a pen or pencil in prewriting practice. It can also be useful for individuals who have difficulty accessing the screen with just the pad of their fingertip.

There are many styluses available and there are even adaptations available for those that may have difficulty grasping it.

A recent post by one of our favorite blogs, OT’s with Apps & Technology, provided a thorough list of the styluses and adaptations available on the market.
You can take a look here.

Here are a few pictures of styluses we’ve found useful, but you should definitely take a look at the list. There should be something there for everyone.


crayon-150x150point-stylus ergonomic stylushead pointerball stylusstylus

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