Sindian Early Intervention Center

Sindian Early Intervention Center

In 2001, Beit Issie Shapiro established the Sindian Centre, Israel’s first Early Intervention Center in the Arab sector in Israel. In 2007, the Family Advancement Center was established to better serve the needs of families with children with disabilities.  Both centers serve the Southern Triangle Region of Israel, which comprises 120,000 residents including in the towns of Kalansua, Taibe, Tire, Jaljulye, the villages of Kefar Bara and Kefar Kassem and the regional council Zemmer.

The Sindian Early Intervention Center provides children with disabilities (ages 1-6 years) with high-quality early intervention services and supporting therapies. The Center also focuses on supporting and empowering parents via educating them regarding rights and benefits they are entitled to, as well as providing emotional support and counseling regarding day-to-day challenges.

In addition to ongoing training on relevant topics, the Center also provides family support services such as support groups for parents and other family members, a hotline to provide answers to questions about accessing services, lectures, workshops and trainings for parents, as well as outings and other events for families.

Our outreach and education work aims to reach the larger community to raise awareness about disabilities and promote awareness both through youth leadership programs and programs for adults.

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