Udi’s Wonderland

Udi’s Wonderland

Udi’s Wonderland is Beit Issie Shapiro’s adapted playground for our special young children with moderate to severe disabilities. Each class at the Aaron De Lowe Early Intervention Center has direct access to the playground, which extends the children’s living space and provides opportunities for play in fresh air.

In the smiles and laughter of the children who enjoy Udi’s playground, a brave little boy is remembered. A boy who spent two years at the Aaron De Lowe Early Intervention Center, benefiting from the full and extensive range of care and treatment. A boy who, during his short life, brought joy and hope to the hearts of many. Udi, the incredible little boy who inspired this important project.

“Udi has parted from us and he was only four years old. A true hero who battled the pains in his body.  A lively and vital boy who enjoyed many beautiful moments.”

After Udi passed away, his parents, with the help of Beit Issie Shapiro, family, and good people, established Udi’s Wonderland.  This play area includes a range of equipment and has something to meet the needs of each child.  Detailed research was done in order to find the right equipment to provide them with space to crawl, walk, run and climb – to touch, smell and explore!!

Udi’s Wonderland impacts Beit Issie Shapiro’s children with disabilities by enabling them to move around freely, to enjoy themselves and to have experiences usually unavailable to them.

updated collage - playground

The playground features:

´   A central apparatus of slides, ramps, stairs, bridges and tunnels,

´   A variety of swings and other motor apparatus.

´   A mini-amphitheater for group meetings, ‘story time’, birthday celebrations and shows,

´   A gardening corner where children learn about nature and plants and can experience the pleasure of planting and harvesting vegetables, flowers and herbs,

´   Paths for riding toys and for walking

´   Padded floor coverings

´   Shading structures

This unique project relies on the vision and generosity of our friends.

To make a donation, please click here (and write “Gan Udi” in the comments field).

Click here to read Udi’s mother, Hadas’s, touching words about her son Udi – and about Gan Udi – at the opening ceremony of Udi’s Wonderland, July 2008.            (In Hebrew אודי – להיות הורים גירסה )

Udi - Updated Collage

 Udi’s legacy brings joy to children at Beit Issie Shapiro everyday.

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