Four Beit Issie Shapiro Parents Launch Campaign for Integration

As their children return to school at Beit Issie Shapiro, Ilana and Micha, parents of Avital, and Betty and Amir, parents of Ronny, have launched an inspiring campaign. They are appealing to you to help expand an after school program they piloted with us last year to make it easier for children with disabilities to integrate into mainstream schools and communities. Read about the program in Micha’s post below, and donate to Beit Issie Shapiro, writing in “Afternoon Program,” to help even more children realize their right to full integration this year and beyond:

Ilana and Michas daughter Avital

To main stream a child with physical disabilities is a very big decision and has a huge impact on both the child and on their immediate family and raises many challenges
But we as parents believe that children like Avital should and have the right to integrate into the regular society and with that the school system.

So together with two other parents we came up with an idea for a unique After School Program, which aims at solving three of the main challenges with main-streaming our children.
– The need for a peer group of similar children, where the kids can relax and be themselves and not constantly have to run after the “regular” kids and feel different
– The need for a central location where the child will receive all their necessary treatments in a fun and coordinated fashion
– The need for a multi-disciplinary approach to treating and progressing the children.

As we needed a strategic partner to start this project, we approached Beit Issie Shapiro which immediately agreed to help us launch this unique and innovative project.

After 2 years of talking and dealing with multiple bureaucratic challenges, together with Beit Issie Shapiro we launched a pilot last year where 6 children came once a week and had occupational therapy and emotional therapy with dogs.

After getting amazing feedback from both the kids, parents and professionals, this year we are trying to expand the program to twice a week and include physio-therapy and to 10 kids.

Currently we are looking for funding for this project and would appreciate any donation (Small or large)

To donate please use the following link:

In the comments section, please write “Afternoon Program”, so that the donation can be identified and ear-marked for this project.

And if you cant make a donation, please share this post with your friends.

Thanks you and wishing all a happy jewish new year.

Ilana and Micha



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