Introducing Beit Issie’s New Inclusive Chanukah Activity

Get into the Chanukah holiday spirit with our new activity “Maccabees, Games, and Riddles”. In the activity children will enjoy an abridged interactive version of the Chanukah story, test their knowledge with a fun quiz, and become familiar with the dreidel and the meanings of its letters. When they’re done, they can enjoy listening to Chanukah songs built into the activity.

You can play the activity on the Ji Tap website or in the app, using this link:

“Maccabees, Games, and Riddles”

Here is a sneak peek at some of the pages in the activity:

“Maccabees, Games, and Riddles” joins other interactive activities created by the staff of Beit Issie Shapiro designed to be played by children of a variety of abilities.

Dreidelit : Accessible Dreidel 

Playing with dreidels is a beloved and fun Chanukah activity, but not all dreidels are easy to spin. If you are looking for an accessible dreidel, try our Dreidelit app (Android| iOS)! Dreidelit allows for anyone to spin a dreidel with a simple touch of the screen. The app comes with a variety of settings allowing you to customize the experience. Enjoy!


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