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Beit Issie Shapiro was founded in 1981 and works to promote social change based on equality and inclusion, respect for all people and the recognition of the contribution of human diversity to Israeli society.

Our vision is to create an inclusive society where people with disabilities are citizens with equal rights and are actively involved in communal life.

We work on these core activities to attain social change and develop best practice:

  • Development of innovative services and programs

We identify the unmet needs of people with disabilities and develop innovative solutions that are replicable and scalable (such as early intervention, hydrotherapy, Snoezelen, accessible parks, specialized dental clinic, dual diagnosis clinic, assistive technology etc.)

  • Knowledge Development, Research and Training

The models that we develop are researched, documented and then scaled up in Israel and abroad through training, consultation and advocacy.

The Trump International Institute for Continuing Learning offers a wide variety of courses, seminars and conferences including an international conference once every four years for professionals, people with disabilities and their families. Read more

Research and Evaluation: We have published over 100 research articles as well as a number of books in order to share our best practice. Read more

Knowledge development:  Beit Issie Shapiro has a professional library that is open to the public. We have developed an online data base which is constantly being updated. It features models of work, lectures, research studies and publications by our employees, as well academics and professionals in Israel and abroad. The knowledge database is open and free of charge to all of you!

  • The Centre for Social Change.

Beit Issie Shapiro believes that people with disabilities and their family are the major partners in social change. Many of the barriers for them are rooted in the community and society and therefore we work together on 3 major activities:

Policy and legislation 

Raising awareness and changing attitudes in the community 

Leadership development 

  • Global Activities:

Since receiving Special Consultative Status to the UN in 2012, Beit Issie Shapiro has increased its global presence and activities through sharing knowledge on the international stage, through joint research, and by providing consultation and training and learning from other countries. The global network Beit Issie Shapiro developed contributes to the enrichment of staff and programs, as well as the field of disabilities nationally, by bringing trends, knowledge and experts from the around the world to Israel.

We strongly believe that our inter-organizational collaborations and partnership with you are of the utmost importance.

I would like to invite you to share with us your thoughts and ideas so that we can work together to help take the field of disabilities one step further.


Jean Judes

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