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Ephraim Mohlokane: Being a Successful Self Advocate


Ephraim Mohlokane will speak about how his life has changed since became part of Self-Advocacy movement and started a journey towards self advocacy, independence and being included in the community. Ephraim was born in 1976 in a township south of Johannesburg, Katlehong. His father abandoned them when he was little. His mother and little brother are also intellectually disabled. He was raised by his mother and granny.
Ephraim is an inspiration to others who have intellectual disabilities.
Ephraim is the past vice chairperson of the Self Advocacy Movement of South Africa. The movement strives for the rights of persons with Down Syndrome and other Intellectual Disabilities. He has delivered many speeches at conferences.
Today, He is a member of the Hamlet Self Advocacy group, which is a forum that represents the rights and needs of Intellectually Disabled People.
Through his involvement in Special Olympics, Ephraim has travelled extensively to overseas countries such as Canada, Alaska, Ireland as well as in Africa. In his travels he has met influential people as Former President Dr Nelson Mandela, Muhammid Ali, Arnold Schwazznegger, as well as Presidents. He was selected as Global Messenger for Africa – which is a 2 year term 2002 – 2004. (Global Messengers are part of the Athlete Leadership Program). There are only 12 Global Messengers in the world – only 1 in Africa – which is Ephraim. He is also a Board Member for Special Olympics South Africa – which is a 9 year term.



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