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Michael Crowley: EQUASS: An Instrument for Implementing CRPD by Social Service Providers


Services users views are a crucial way of assessing quality in social services. The experiences of service users are the key to what constitutes good social services. The EQUASS quality approach explicitly includes the perspective of service users. The system also complies with the core criteria for European Quality Framework for Social Services (EQF) and with the key elements of the UN Convention on Rights for people with disabilities (CRPD). The European Quality in Social Services (EQUASS) is an initiative of the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) and aims engaging social service providers in quality, continuous improvement, guaranteeing service quality to service users and the implementation of the CRPD by social service providers. Specific EQUASS criteria related to CRPD are; creating inclusive society, the empowerment of service users and the involvement of service users at all levels of the organisation and in all aspects of the services, respecting fundamental rights of equal opportunities, equal treatment and freedom of choice, self-determination, equal participation, protection against physical, 2 mental and financial abuse, respecting dignity of service users, accessibility of services and the quality of life of service users. The implementation of the EQUASS1 criteria has proven impact on the awareness, the interaction with professionals and the development of services in the organisation of social service providers. In the presentation, we will share the impact and outcomes related to the implementation of the CRPD in organisation of social service providers achieved in the process of assuring the quality of services delivered to Service Users.




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