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Munyane Mophosho: Training of teachers on using AAC devices for learners with complex communication needs: South Africa


Introduction and background. As part of the post 1994 education transformation the South African Department of Education adopted an inclusive education policy known as Education White Paper 6 in 2001. Various programmes have been implemented to support the implementation of this policy. However, despite these programmes children with complex communication needs remain excluded from learning. The Department of Education has appointed a private company (Inclusive Solutions) to supply and train their schools and Special Schools on how to support learners with complex communication needs. Participants. Staff members from special schools and resource schools in Gauteng and Mpumalanga provinces were trained. Method. Participants were exposed to face to face training and on site training. Training input was guided by training outcomes from selected national unit standard. Participants’ perception of the training was evaluated using a qualitative questionnaire, observations, pre and post training. The data was analyzed thematically. Results. The presentation will argue that despite the success of the training, the training raised important training and access issues that need to be addressed if the rights of children with complex communication needs to access quality education have to be met.



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