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Research Summary: Remote Treatment (Telehealth) for Allied Health Professions in Israel during the Coronavirus Outbreak (Covid-19)

Dr. Dana Roth - Head of the Research and Evaluation Dept., Beit Issie Shapiro
Dafna Raviv-Carmi - Research and Evaluation Dept., Beit Issie Shapiro
Meital Refua - Research Assistant, Beit Issie Shapiro


The corona virus, which broke out in Israel in February 2020, has had far-reaching consequences in all areas of life, and perhaps most of all on the health care system. The health professions therapists are forced to face a new reality and rely on the provision of professional services remotely, using technology and electronic means (telehealth).
This research was conducted with the aim of learning about the strengths and challenges of telehealth therapy from the perspective of health professions therapists in Israel.


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Professional ArticlesRemote Treatment (Telehealth) for Allied Health Professions during the Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19): A Global Perspective
Professional ArticlesResearch Summary: Client experience of Remote Allied Health Treatment (Telehealth) during the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) in Israel
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