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Steven Eidelman: What`s Wrong with Hostels, Villages, Intentional Communities and, Yes, Institutions: An Advocacy and Funder`s Viewpoint


Aims: to demonstrate the viewpoints and data as to why large congregate residential programs for people with disabilities are violations of civil and human rights as well as Article 19 of the CRPD. Hostels, Villages, Intentional Communities and Institutions for people with disabilities are ideas and models whose time has passed. Israel can and must do better. Method: Information will be presented demonstrating both trends in the developed world as well as data showing that large programs are not beneficial for people with disabilities. Results: Alternative Strategies for supporting people with a wide range of disabilities will be discussed. The trends and conclusions in the developed world about congregate programs will be presented. The Weinberg Foundation`s response to group homes: no more than 4, one in each bedroom, surprise visits by Ombudsman, range of housing options so that those who are incompatible can choose other housing models such as independent apartments or supportive apartments. Conclusion: Hostels, Villages and Intentional Communities are no longer acceptable methods to support people with disabilities living outside their family homes. Strategies to transform the system in Israel will be discussed.




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