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Supported Decision-Making Service for People with Disabilities: Service model

Adv. Yotam Tolub - Bizchut Association


This document is the English translation of the first booklet published in Hebrew by Bizchut, entirely dedicated to the subject of supported decision-making.

The heart of the booklet is a model developed by Bizchut, accompanied by an advisory committee, presenting the guidelines for a supported decision-making service. The model is based on the “Article 12” pilot of Bizchut, the first pilot in Israel on supported decision-making. The booklet also includes seven appendices that can provide those who are interested with an introduction to the subject of supported decision-making as an alternative to guardianship, from different angles. The appendices include an explanation of the amended Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law of 2016, a discussion of different populations, such as a description of what happens in Sharia courts, and an examination of the appropriateness of the model for senior citizens. The model also includes the article published in 2015 on promoting alternatives to guardianship in Israel and worldwide, and three appendices devoted to details of the outcomes of the pilot – a description of its conclusions, summary of the evaluation study, and details of the syllabus for training supporters.


Prof. Israel (Issie) Dorot, Prof. Arlene Kanter, Tal Kahane, Dr. Shira Yalon-Chamovitz, Dr. Benny Hozmi, Maya Goldman, and Dr. Tal Peleg-Shulman took part in writing the appendices.


Special thanks to Shosh Kaminsky for accompaniment and advice in writing the report.


The project as a whole, and production of the booklet in particular, was made possible thanks to a grant from the European Union.


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