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The Halliwick concept

Ann Gresswell
Aoife Ní Mhuirí
Bodil Fons Knudsen
Jean-Pierre Maes
Mauricio Koprowski Garcia
Merav Hadar-Frumer
Montserrat Gutierrez Bassas


Gresswell, A., Mhuirí, A. N., Knudsen, B. F., Maes, J. P., Koprowski, M., Garcia, M. H. F., & Bassas, M. G. (2012). The Halliwick concept 2010


International Halliwick Association (IHA) Education and Research Committee, 2010 
Ann Gresswell, Aoife Ní Mhuirí, Bodil Fons Knudsen, Jean-Pierre Maes, Mauricio Koprowski, Garcia, Merav Hadar-Frumer and Montserrat Gutierrez Bassas.


The Halliwick approach is designed to teach people, especially people with physical disabilities or learning disabilities, to take part in water activities, to move independently in water and swim. The article describes the Ten Point Plan: A structured learning process in which a person with no experience in water can progress toward independence in water.


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THE HALLIWICK CONCEPT 2010, International Halliwick Education and Research Committee -


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