Volunteer of the Month – Idan Magen Ephrochim

Seventeen years ago, Idan was a toddler at the Aaron De Lowe Early Intervention Center. Today, she has returned to us to volunteer as an amazing and mature young woman contributing to society.

Though the faces at the De Lowe Center may not be the same,  our dedication to the children remains; and this year, we are fortunate to add Idan to our team who work with forty 1 -3 year olds with complex disabilies. Idan comes in each week with abundant warmth, love and a giving heart for the children in the Center, plays with them, feeds them, helps them walk, helps them communicate, and mainly helps them just enjoy and be children. She shows dedication, caring and a lot of commitment to their progress.

Idan is sensitive to the different needs of the children, and manages to adapt herself to each and every one of them. She asks the staff questions, and through her experiences, also develops herself.

We have been privileged to meet such a special and wonderful person, and we know that this relationship, one that began long ago, will never end. We love you Idan!

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