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Marco Lombardi: Promoting Social Inclusion: the Perception of Priorities in Activities Provision by Support Staff


Aim: Social Inclusion is a desired outcome for people with Intellectual Disabilities. Nowadays many organizations and service providers have in their Mission the promotion of Social Inclusion for the People they serve. The aim of this study is to investigate whether the Mission of the organization finds a relevant correspondence in the perception of the priority of supports, provided by staff, related to Social Inclusion and Care of the person. Method: 200 Support-workers belonging to different services devoted to serve people with ID, from all around Italy, were interviewed with an anonymous self-report based on McConkey & Collins work. A comparison was made between the ratings given by staff to the items relating to Care and Social Inclusion tasks. Results: Despite almost every organization has in its own Mission for the promotion of Social Inclusion, the priority of the tasks, perceived by the operators, was significantly preponderant to Care tasks. Conclusions: An explanation of the result address the lack of alignment of the support activities and lack of a shared knowledge regarding the Social Inclusion Outcomes. This study helps to focus on the possible way to deliver services oriented to produce Quality of Life and Social inclusion outcomes.




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