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Sigal Peretz Yahalomi: Guaranteeing Human Dignity and Freedom: a Person Centered Approach


Goal: Implementation of the values of human dignity and free choices in supporting the intellectually disabled, according to the Person Centered Approach (PCA). Rationale: PCA is a social, values oriented approach, relating to a person`s desires, aspirations, needs and choices. It is a process of the implementation of the belief that the persons we support are equal and deserve to live a full life of free choices, while being included in the community and not in segregated facilities. AKIM - a parents` organization, is in the process of becoming a person centered organization, moving from the medical and paternalistic approach that focused on the person`s disability and overprotection, to the new approach: listening to the person`s voice, support him while make his own decisions and enabling him to live in the community. As part of this change, AKIM establishes councils of intellectually disabled persons, which operate next to the Board of Directors of parents in the AKIM branches, participating in the elections for the Board of the branches. Summary: After two years of working according to the PCA, we have learned that this process needs an endless investment. The success will be determined by the empowerment of the intellectually disabled by having them participate in the public policy regarding the different aspects of their lives, while they take an active part in the employment in the open market, in the IDF and the national service, in leisure activities in the community centers, in living in the community, and in volunteering. A professional in Akim will demonstrate the new approach by a case study from his everyday work.

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