Inclusive University

Inclusive University

Since 2002, Beit Issie Shapiro has offered courses through the Inclusive University. This unique program is given under the auspices of Beit Issie Shapiro’s Trump International Institute of Continuing Education in Developmental Disabilities and in collaboration with Bar Ilan University and other academic institutions in Israel. The Inclusive University project aims to equalize opportunities for people with complex learning and adjustment disabilities to benefit from higher education in an academic setting, develop skills and personal empowerment as well as further social inclusion of the students with disabilities with mainstream students. The Inclusive University program was a pioneer in developing methods of cognitive accessibility and academic material simplification.

These courses have given over 3,500  graduates the opportunity for self-worth, pride and an ability to continue studying. Many of the graduates have been empowered in their work situation and in their personal lives.

In 2013, the Trump Institute’s Academic Director, Dr. Benny Hozmi, was  awarded the prize for “Excellence in Innovative Social Work” by the Recanati, Chase and Rashi Foundations, recognizing his role in the innovative development of over 20 Inclusive University Program courses.

In addition, a research program – KEMACH – was established in 2006. This research group works in light of the Participatory Action Research Model, in which representatives of the research population are equal partners in conducting the research. This approach extends the value of “nothing about us without us” to “no longer researching about us without us”. The group’s academic works are published in academic journals and are presented in professional conferences.


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